Termin Freitag, 06.05.2022
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Veranstaltungsort Braunschweig  |  Braunschweig, Deutschland


My name is Timo Rödiger. In 1969 I was born in Braunschweig. In 1992 I moved to Hamburg to study grafic design – additionally I achieved first practical experience working as a grafic design freelancer. Since my academy degree I worked as an art director for different agencies.
Last year I started my private project „IDENTICONS“ – my idea of visualizing figures and individuals in the style of the male/female icon with just a minimum use of lines, all at the same thickness. Since than I designed over 400 characters – more or less colorful, some very simple, others more complex, but all of them always unique. Some of them are shown here.

I would really love to see my IDENTICONS published – as digital iconography, as a book as a game or as a series in a magazine. So if you are a publisher with an interest to release my artwork – don’t hesitate to contact me or give me a small support 

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